Open Letter to Charolette My hometown is in the news lately! Which is why I need to share an article!  This article is about the recent news in Charolette, and now my little neck of San Diego is in the news too. America needs to return to God! We need to treat others the way [...]


Did you know that it is proven that singing is good for you?! Check out this LifeHack!! It is all about how singing is actually good for you health, and it gives you a positive buzz! Seriously you brain gets all the stuff going inside that makes you feel good! That is why sometimes my [...]

Trust and Follow Me

Jesus said "Come with me and I will make you fishers of men" Can you imagine dropping everything you have and blindly accepting someone's invitation. You would be going on an adventure to somewhere you've never been so you would need to trust and follow a guide who knows what you do not!  What complete [...]