The cure for good vs evil

God and evil

This is a perspective on why God allows evil to happen.

The Bible describes God as Holy, Righteous, Just and Sovereign. These attributes tell us the following:
1) God is capable of preventing evil
2) God desires to rid the universe of evil
…… So if both of these are true then why does God allow evil

Let’s look at this in a practical way and consider some alternative ways people might have God run the world

1.) God could change all of our personalities so we can’t sin. This would also mean that there would be no freewill.
We would only be able to choose between right or wrong. We would be programmed. Had God chosen to do this, there would be no meaningful relationships between him and his creation.
Instead he created Adam and Eve innocent but with the ability to choose good or evil. Because of this they could choose to love and trust God or to disobey. As we know they chose to disobey.

2.) God could compensate for people’s evil actions through supernatural intervention 100% of the time. God could stop a drunk driver from causing an accident, could stop people from doing substandard and dishonest jobs, stop an abusive husband, stop all criminals, stop bullies, and stop terrorists from terrorizing.
This method sounds good, but it would lose attractiveness as soon as God comes to see you or me and stop us from doing something we wanted to do. We want God to prevent horrible evil actions, but we are willing to let “lesser evils” actions slide, not realizing that the lesser ones lead to the greater ones. If God stops evil and wrong doings he stops all acts of being wrong!

3.) Another theory would be for God to judge and remove those who choose to commit evil acts. If this were the case we all would be removed.

Instead of these 3 options, God chose to create a “real” world in which real choices have real consequences. Our actions affect others! We are all born with a sinful nature. There will come a day that God will judge the sin in this world and make all things new, but God is purposely delaying this so that people may realize their sinful nature and repent so that he doesn’t have to condemn them. God is concerned about evil hence “the Ten Commandments”.He will judge nations and rulers who disregard justice and pursue evil.

In summary, we live in a real world where our good and evil actions have direct consequences and indirect consequences upon us and those around us.
God’s desire is that for us and that we would obey Him that it might be well with us. Instead what happens is that we choose our own way, and then we blame God for not doing anything about it.
Such is the heart of a sinful man.
Jesus came to change our hearts through the power of his Holy Spirit, and he does this for those who will turn away from evil and who call on him to save them from their sin and its consequences!!

We should be about the cure for proclaiming the cure for evil and its consequences…. Jesus Christ!

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