Hello, My name is Donald Poe.

My goals are to help people enjoy Life, and realize what a gift it is! I thank God for everything I have and everything I am! I live everyday and every moment in the Glory of God!

What motivates me you ask?
God of course and his people, along with photography, music, baseball and nature.

My work and educational successes have been in computer technologies. I work as a technology support specialist at the University of San Diego’s Law School.

God has blessed me! He continually helps me to learn how to live with and manage my Multiple Sclerosis. I have been treatment free for over 3 years now! Thank You Lord!

I was diagnosed in 2007. With this obstacle in front in of me, I had many physical and mental challenges. I questioned why with God and we had long talks but if it wasn’t for the diagnosis, I would not be who I am today! I realize now that everything happens for a reason and sometimes we don’t know why!

When we are going somewhere we’ve never been, we need to trust and follow a guide who knows what we do not! I  have learned to appreciate life’s every moment and all it’s blessings! I have conquered all my hurdles in life so far! I will finish this race with the Lord!!

I live a purposeful life with my beautiful wife and have learned that everybody needs a support system! My hopes are to inspire or help you expand your knowledge with my thoughts. Let’s all appreciate life more!

Thank you for visiting

May God Bless you all with His Love!

Donald Poe

Chilling on Lanai